What Our Small Businesses Can Learn From Infusionsoft

If you’re floundering among all the bright shiny objects you collected in 2011, it is time to declare your freedom.

Looking for a marketing plan with a proven track record? Study Infusionsoft!

For the past 10 years, these people have reinvented themselves several times. They have not been afraid to say “That’s not working”, free themselves, and move on.

But perhaps most important, how did they know it wasn’t working? They measured, they asked, they listened.

Just look at what they did in 2011!


1. They Defined Their Audience

First, they identified their target market – small businesses with fewer than 25 employees. How many of us have really done that? We started business with a generic idea of who our users would be, but have we revisited this from time to time? Have we taken a hard look at who is using our products or services and changed our marketing plan accordingly? Have we looked at average customer re-orders? Average customer lifetime value? Average order amount? Many small businesses don’t know these terms exist, much less what they mean and how to measure them. Don’t work harder, work smarter!

2. They Got Out of Debt!

One of Infusionsoft’s great accomplishments in 2011 was achieving positive cash flow every quarter. What a great goal to have! How free would we all be if everything we had was paid for? I’m not saying we should never borrow money, there is sometimes a need for that, but the goal should be to pay off that debt as quickly as possible. That borrowed money is like a weight around our necks, and besides, what could you do with that money you won’t be paying in interest any longer?

3. They Kept ‘em Coming Back

Infusionsoft grew 50% this year. How? They recognized that their software was so intricate, not hard, just deep, that new customers needed support and training. Because of this, they brought back the Quick Start Bundles and revamped their Infusionsoft Certified Consultant program.

Now new customers have 60 days with a success coach to train on the Perfect Customer Lifecyle™. Over 80% of new customers will launch four campaigns in those 60 days. The software works for them, they see increased profits and time to spend on other things, and they are happy, happy, happy!

And the folks at Infusionsoft didn’t stop there. Realizing that often small businesses owners didn’t have the time or in-house resources to design and implement continuing marketing campaigns, in December they held the first ever “48-Hour Implementation Accelerator”. To get a picture of why this event is worth the $10,000 price tag, click here to read the blog post that summarized the event.  The attendees were HAPPY with this investment, and if you’re thinking about signing up for the next one, click here.

4. They Weren’t Greedy

Wall Street could learn a lot from Clate Mask and the Martineau brothers. They recognize that their success comes from their ethical treatment of others. In addition to hiring 85 new employees, they have created countless jobs for spinoff businesses. API developers, virtual assistant niches, membership sites, website developers, consultants, and many more benefit from Infusionsoft’s smart business growth as they empower small businesses to grow and support these other small businesses. It’s small business heaven.

5. They Got Their Priorities Straight

They offer handsome rewards for loyal supporters. They value their customers, their employees, their consultants, and at the core of their success, they recognize that in the end, family is what matters most, be that our immediate family, our friend family, or our Infusionsoft family.

With all these successes, Infusionsoft isn’t content to coast. Their next goal is to be recognized as a $50 million company. I plan to be a part of that growth — what a ride it will be.

To find out what Infusionsoft has to say about the Infusionsoft 2012 Winter Release, watch this:


Take notice! Good guys do finish first!

Yep, I’m a raving fan, can you tell? If you’re also a fan, I’d love to hear why. Just post a comment below.
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