Infusionsoft’s New Social Media Capabilities

Infusionsoft truly is living by its pledge to be the “all-in-one sales and marketing software for small business”. The Winter 2012 Release makes it easy to share content socially, capture leads through the 3 most popular social media channels, track the effectiveness of your social media efforts, and automatically trigger actions, just as it has always done in email sequences. These new features make it easy for small business to extend their marketing reach through social networking and then follow-up with the leads that “raise their hands”. 

Infusionsoft’s customer said: “Help me expand my reach by providing my leads and/or customers with easy ways to share my content.”

Infusionsoft answered: “We have developed new social media features, which allow the user to share Web Forms and emails. Both the Infusionsoft user and their contacts can share these items with their social networks. Social shares are tracked, leads can be captured from share content and automation can be ran on those who originally shared the content. Infusionsoft users can now truly take advantage of social media in Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.”

What This Looks Like in the App

Emails and Web Forms

You can now broadcast hosted emails and web forms through Facebook and Twitter. Create a simple landing page using the Drag & Drop Web Form Builder, publish it, and capture the leads. There is no need to create full landing pages and custom URLs.

Add a Social Snippet to Emails and Web Forms

It is now possible to allow subscribers to “like” and/or “share” the content they’ve received with their contacts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. A hosted web form is included making it super easy for leads to sign up to receive more information from you.

Automated Follow-Ups from Social Snippet Clicks

The new features make it easy to track who is sharing content and which content is the most popular. Prospects and customers can then receive targeted information based on their segmentation.

Measure and Report Social Media Sharing

New reports provide the means to track opt-ins and the number of times an email is shared and viewed. A quick look at your dashboard will provide the number of shares, views, and opt-ins.

Don’t forget the tried and true Infusionsoft Features

Apply tags to segment your list, trigger actions when your social icons are clicked, all the great automation you’ve come to expect from Infusionsoft.

Learn More About These New Social Media Features

Read the customer comments on Twitter by clicking here.

Watch Infusionsoft’s demonstration video:

There isn’t much information available about how Google+ plays into this, so if you want to learn more about how to use it for your small business marketing, read this article by Brian Clark of Copyblogger.