New Campaign Builder, what is that? It was unveiled in April at InfusionCon2012. The new campaign builder is a thing of beauty. With soft green and gray colors, it calms the weary worker. The forethought and planning that went into the new Campaign Builder is a work of genius. The Infusionsoft brains took a software system that was fast becoming clunky and obsolete and made it a modern day wonder.

However, not everyone agrees.

new campaign builder

There appear to be 3 schools of thought on Infusionsoft’s New Campaign Builder:

  1. Those power users who are sticking with the Legacy features until the quirks/wonkiness are worked out of the new Campaign Builder.
  2. Those who are new to Infusionsoft and are not yet (but will be) power users.
  3. Those who are figuring out ways to integrate the Legacy features that are unavailable (as of yet) into the new Campaign Builder.

The new campaign builder truly is a work of art and another example of just how much Infusionsoft helps small businesses succeed. They could have stayed with the old software. It worked. Most of the bugs were fixed. Instead, they chose to take a risk and propose this new campaign builder.

Infusionsoft is a complex system. It can do a lot of things. But the folks at Infusionsoft have always sought to make the UI (User Interface) as people friendly as possible. Let’s be realistic. There is no way to build out a new release with every feature that every user wants. It just isn’t going to happen. If Infusionsoft waited until everything was perfect, they could never launch updates. And, don’t we do that with our businesses? We launch, evaluate, tweak? Evaluate, tweak?

The Infusionsoft users – power users – who have intricate systems set up in Legacy are reluctant to abandon what has worked for them for years. Plus that, their livelihood depends on those systems continuing to function correctly. To jump ship, abandon the Legacy systems they’ve built, would be a bad investment for them.

Then there are those who have the patience, time, and willingness to work with the new Campaign Builder, figure out its quirks and bugs, and build out campaigns using the new goal-oriented interface. That’s where I am. Being a relative newbie in the Infusionsoft world is in some ways an advantage – I have to learn everything and unlearn nothing.

What I like about the new Campaign Builder

The new campaign builder is a great visual. Everything is in one place. Each step is mapped out. It’s hard to leave anything undone. Is it perfect? No. Could it be? It could get close.

The Infusionsoft Folks are Trying

Let’s give the people of Infusionsoft a hand for having the courage to step out and take this risk, stir up the Infusionsoft community, and create a truly great release that has the potential to make marketing automation available to everyone – techy or not. By introducing the new campaign builder and placing ease of use at the top priority, Infusionsoft HQ has opened the door for a whole new group of users, the non-techys, to become members of the Infusionsoft family.

The New Campaign Builder is Constantly Evolving

Just last week they added two reporting features. Now when you open your app and look at a campaign, you can see immediately how many contacts are in that campaign. Going a step further, clicking on the number will provide the names of those contacts. How cool is that?

Curious about what a contact is doing in that campaign? Open the contact record, click on the campaigns tab, and you will see what goals have been accomplished and where they are in the sequence.

Click here to read about the new Campaign Builder features added recently.

New Summer 2012 Release

The Summer Release coming out in July promises some much sought after features users having been requesting. I received an email yesterday asking if I wanted to participate in the Beta version and sign up for a training webinar. Of course, I can’t share any of those details, but my point is:

Give the folks at Infusionsoft a chance, work with them. They’re going to make this right, and the new Campaign Builder will be the vehicle that changes the way small businesses use Infusionsoft. What benefits Infusionsoft benefits us. I’m in.

Deepak Chopra said, “All great changes are preceded by chaos.” Perhaps that’s what Clate Mask and Scott Martineau had in mind when they wrote their book “Conquer the Chaos“. Not saying there is chaos in the use of the new Campaign Builder, but it certainly has created lots of conversations in my Infusionsoft circle.

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