FAQ campaigns for new customers are an asset to your happy customer project. They can also go a long way toward a happy employee project too. FAQ campaigns are nothing more than a compilation of frequently asked questions from your customers that are systematically delivered to them…BEFORE they ask.

FAQ Campaigns for New CustomersFAQ Campaigns as a Customer Service Tool

Think about your common customer questions and complaints. Would a good FAQ program answer most of them? Or, could you use a FAQ campaign to redirect unhappy customers with the knowledge and solutions they need? Would an automated FAQ campaign save your customer service team time and stress?

FAQs as Email Sequences

First, what would this do to convert new customers to happy customers? Expectations are established. Return policies, warranties, guarantees are all outlines for them in an email campaign.

FAQs on Your Website

Develop an FAQ page on your website. Train site visitors to visit your FAQ page by mentioning it on other pages and link them over to it. Offer specific FAQ email series on points of interest in exchange for contact information. It is okay to repeat the information in both places but do add some fresh content in the email series.

FAQ Campaigns to Qualify Leads

A well-designed FAQ campaign can pre-qualify leads for you. Provide information about who you work with, how you work, and even your price point. If your target market are 50+ service professionals, say so. If you excel at thoroughness and planning, include that in a “What is my work style?” question. If your hourly fee is $125, a prospect will quickly access whether that is within their budget. If you are very busy and have a long turnaround time, say that.

Setting expectations at the beginning of a relationship sets boundaries.

How to Get Started with Your FAQ Campaigns for New Customers

Ask your customer support team what the most commonly asked questions are, what dissatisfied customers call most about. Put together a list of these questions with answers. Organize the questions into categories. Decide how best to display these on a web page. Map out email sequences to deliver the content to customers.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking the time to develop an effective FAQ Campaign for New Customers will a step toward an organized business and happy customers.

Yes, I can help you with setting up your FAQ campaigns and planning for happy customers.

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