Entry Points–New in the Campaign Builder

Entry points are a simple, yet powerful feature of the Summer Release. In April, the Spring Release was unveiled at InfusionCon, and the new Campaign Builder transitioned user thinking to “goals.” Everything done in the Campaign Builder pushed toward a goal, and anytime the goal was met, anything to the right of the goal would fire. A contact didn’t have to enter at the first campaign goal to receive the follow up sequences, and there was no way to control that. But with the Summer Release, that changes.

Now, the first goal is the default entry point. If you want to allow contacts to enter the campaign at other goals, you must designate those goals as an entry point.

How Entry Points Work

In the campaign image below, the landing page goal is circled in red. It is the first goal, and therefore the default entry point. It cannot be turned off. The other three goals, the purchase goals, are considered an entry point and can be turned on and off. See the images highlighted in yellow? Those little symbols tell you the entry point turned on, allowing contacts to enter the campaign here and receive any sequences to the right.


entry points


To turn the entry points off, double click on the little icon in the bottom left corner of the any goal. See the image blow? Check the box that is highlighted to allow contacts into the sequence at that goal. Leaving it unchecked will permit entrance through the default entry point only.

entry points


Check Your Existing Campaigns for Entry Points!

Once the switch is pulled on the Summer Release, every goal in all your campaigns will become an entry point. That means a contact can enter a campaign through achieving any goal, because they’re all entry points, and receive any sequence to the right of the entry point.

If you don’t want that to happen, then you need to turn the entry points off that you want to seal. (See the image above to see how. Don’t forget to save.)

Other Info about the Entry Point Campaign Builder Feature

  • You can have as many entry points as you have goals.
  • The first goal will always be an entry point and cannot be turned off. You have to start somewhere.
  • Link goals are not entry points cannot be turned off. They are attached to a link in an email in a preceding campaign sequence.
  • If you use tags to start contacts in sequences, you will want to turn the entry points off.

Click here to read about entry points in the Infusionsoft User Guide.